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    • Server Rules---

      -No Killing In Traderzones.
      -No Destruction of vehicles in Traderzones (Meaning ALL types of vehicle inc. Airborne).
      -No ramming in Traderzones.
      -Any vehicles left in Trader Zones will be removed as they are for trading and not car parks.
      -No stealing in Tradezones (No heli lifting OR towing of vehicles within the Traderzone). 
      -Player names may not contain any part of a server generated message (for example, but not limited to: "an NPC", "an unknown reason", "admin").
      -Building over dirt roads is permitted with a minimum height so as all ground vehicles can pass under.
      -Building over tarmac roads is NOT permitted.
      -If your flag is stolen, you have 2 days to pay the ransom fee, otherwise your codes will unlock. Another day after this, the base will despawn!.
      -Base maintenance is currently set at 7 days - we recommend you pay every 5, so as not to miss the deadline!.
      -English Only In Sidechat.
      -No VOIP In Sidechat (Including Radio chat).
      -Do Not Kamikaze Into Bases.
      -No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping Or Glitching, you will be perm banned ZERO TOLERANCE.
      -Persistent Combat Loggers will be punished.
      -No reimbursements given for arma 3 issues or accidently somehow blowing up all your cars because you decided to place something while looking at a car.
      -Respect players and admins at all times! This includes toxic language and racism!. FLAG RULES (27-MAR-17)--- Bases are intended to be fairly safe, but also to be fun to raid / defend. With this in mind:
      -There must be some chance, however small, that a flag can be stolen without breaking AuXile rules.
      -Flags must be placed either:
          1.- on the ground.
          2.- on a constructed floor.
          3.- on a roof.
      -Flags must not be placed inside indestructible objects (eg rocks, certain map objects).
      -Flags may not be placed inside unopenable objects.
      -Flags may not be raised up out of reach (e.g. on a pillar, a wall, or a stack of safes).
      -Flags can be covered with one or more safes (a safe *is* an openable object).
      -Flags can be covered with constructable objects (for the time being). BUILDING RULES--- -Minimum range to a fuel station = 300m.
      -Minimum range to a spawn point = 800m.
      -Minimum range to the trader city = 800m.
      -Minimum range to ANY military buildings / loot spawns = 800m.
      -Minimum range to industrial buildings / loot spawns = 500m.
      -Minimum range to hospitals (relevant again with the new first aid items) = 500m.
      -No building over tarmac roads.
      The LoS (Line of Sight) rule will be heavily reinforced, so beware! For instance, if you build 800m away from a military compound, yet you have a LoS on it, your base is ILLEGAL.
      !!!TAKE NOTE OF THIS!!!: While following the LoS rule remember even though you have 800m Los on a POI (Point of Interest) anything over is LEGAL. >Base distances are measured from closest point to closest point!<
    • The internet is the land of the keyboard warrior, but this is its safe haven. We are building a large, friendly gaming community and we want everyone to take part. So treat one another with respect and follow these simple rules:   Do NOT turn threads into flame wars. No Racism, Sexism or any other offensive behaviour. Respect one another, do not insult your fellow gamers. Have an opinion on a matter? Great, tell us in a reasonable and constructive manner. When entering a forum section, be aware of any "Please Read"s. Failure to comply with this may result in your post being removed. Offering in game items to other players for a cash reward is forbidden and will result in warning points and or ban  The shoutbox is there for general banter. Do not post server issues there. Report any issues in TS or make a thread in the forum. Post threads in the relevant location. If you post in the wrong section, it could get missed. Do not reply to other users' unban requests unless you are contributing evidence to support/oppose the request. Admins can and will provide all other necessary replies. Advertisement of Other Servers is forbidden


ETA: 2039 in the tropical terrain of Tanoa. The start of a commune by the name of AuXile grew large and sporadic... To be continued.